FIVB Beach Female Referees working Men’s Matches

Within the FIVB VIS (Volleyball Information System) database I found different ways to look at the data collected by the FIVB over the years. Female refs have come up in other sports working men’s sports. I thought it would be interesting to explore this area on FIVB Beach side. All data collected from the FIVB VIS database. All code done within ‘R‘ can be found here:

FIVB didn’t keep data on ref assignments until 2014, per VIS database. Registered refs and number of new registered refs per year are shown below. 2017 was a down year for FIVB beach, not only for registered new refs but total number of matches. Women’s new registered refs have been going down until 2019. Doha was the only tournament in 2020.

Looking at all matches played from 2014-2020.

Considering the referee position. Challenge Ref doesn’t happen very often. Only 2 times in 2018 for women referees in men’s matches. Women’s refs were at their highest in 2015-2016, lowest in 2017, and been going back up 2018-2019.

Past pool play:

All Women refereed matches played by males 2014-2020.

Total male matches worked by women’s refs by year:

By tournament type.

Considering the top women refs by year working men’s matches. You can see here which are the most worked refs for men’s matches:

Last exploration area, how often do Female refs work as ‘NoReferee1’ in men’s semifinals and above matches?

This wasn’t to predict or show a model but as an exploration area. There are a lot of variables and considerations when refs are chosen for any match.

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