Rally ending importance

The 5 rally ending skills looked at are:

  • Attacking Kill
  • Attacking Error
  • Block Stuff
  • Serve Ace
  • Serve Error

It does not look at the variables which are present at the time. Weather, time, opponent, sand type, refs, classification of skills before hand, if a rally is won before, amount of sleep before, what was eating before, type of attack, etc etc etc. Only, does it end in an attack kill.


Men’s importance to these rally ending skills using XGBoost.

Teams who win are getting more block stuffs and having less attacking errors.

A visual to see how Attack Error and Stuff Block fare over the course of the 2019-2020 season.



A big difference between men’s and women’s skill importance for attack kill. I imagine this is largely due to the percent of the women’s match played in transition.

Winning teams are getting more kills and less errors.

Visual for over the course of a season.

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